Training @ BiC

Just as much as we love to analyze your data, we love to teach you how to perform your own bioinformatical analysis and how to interpret the resulting outcome. That’s why we offer various opportunities to get bioinformatics training.

At the moment our training events will be offered irregulary, so make sure to check our website from time to time, or subscribe to our newsletter to be always up to date.


We plan to offer different hands-on workshops on different topics of (biological) data analysis, including transcriptomics (next generation sequencing and nanopore sequencing), genomics (assembly, gene annotation and characterization, variant calling) and data visualization.

For more information, simply contact us and see our workshop plan:

Short Lectures

In addition to the more practice-oriented workshops, we will also offer crash course lectures. The topics we cover include: basic statistics, fundamental bioinformatic algorithms, programming and design of sequencing experiments.

For more information, simply contact us.

Individual Training

If you are interested to get personalized training for single persons or small groups on a specific topic from the field of (biological) data analysis, sequencing technologies, statistics, programming or bioinformatics, we will do our best to make this possible.

Just contact us to plan individual training sessions with the BiC.