Support @ BiC

Let’s talk about your research ideas!

Are you planning a sequencing project or designing your next high-throughput experiment, but are uncertain about the subsequent evaluation?

You have carried out your own bioinformatics analyses, but don’t know exactly how to interpret the results?

Or are you currently writing a grant proposal or a paper and would like to strengthen your ideas with bioinformatics analyses?

We would love to support you in each of these tasks!

We offer consulting on sequencing experiments as well as bioinformatics and statistical analysis of data, supporting your research project throughout all phases – from initial project planning, through support with proposals, to the documentation of bioinformatics methods for publications.

Since we work closely with the Core Facility DNA Sequencing of the FLI, sequencing can be performed directly in Jena.

If you are interested in how we could support you and your research, just get in touch with us!