The Bioinformatics Core Facility Jena (BiC)

Our purpose is to provide free support for researchers of the Friedrich Schiller University and associated research institutes in Jena at all stages of bioinformatics analysis. We can help you in analyzing your data with various computational high-quality standard techniques, assist you with step-by-step bioinformatics guidance, and teach you how to perform your own bioinformatics analysis.

It is our aim to contribute to the interdisciplinarity and development of a wide range of research projects through our numerous services and collaborations.

From basic bioinformatics analysis to full scientific cooperations

The BiC can offer support to researchers in many ways:

  • Data analysis: We offer a wide range of bioinformatics services in the field of high-throughput analysis, sequence analysis and related areas. This includes data quality control, processing, and visualization.
  • Sequencing: Next to our in silico bioinformatics services, we also directly offer sequencing services.
  • Consultation: We can advise you on experimental design of high-throughput projects and can give you general bioinformatical and statistical support in all parts of your project.
  • Training: From practice-oriented workshops about bioinformatical tools and databases to short lectures on various topics (e.g., programming, statistics, algorithms) and individual training, we offer a divers set of courses and materials for your education.
  • Research cooperation: If you are interested in more in-depth analysis and interpretation of your data, we also offer a full joint scientific cooperation.
  • Writing assistance: We also assist in the preparation of grant proposals and manuscripts regarding bioinformatics sections and evaluations.

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us!