Service @ BiC

Basic BiC Services

Our basic bioinformatics services are aimed at all scientists of the FSU and associated institutes in Jena. We have established modern, standardized workflows for numerous tasks in the field of high-throughput analysis, starting with data quality control up to the final visualization of the results.

Here are some examples of different applications for which we offer bioinformatics solutions:

  • Differential gene expression analysis from RNA-Seq data
  • Genome/Transcriptome assembly and annotation
  • Identification of alternatively spliced gene isoforms
  • Variant calling
  • Gene prediction
  • ncRNA identification and characterization
  • Metagenomics and -transcriptomics
  • Sequence and whole genome alignment and analysis
  • Phylogenetics
  • Motif analysis

Sequencing Services

Next to our in silico bioinformatics services, we also directly offer sequencing services. Currently, we have the following sequencing technologies at our disposal, but we will continue to expand our capabilities in the future:

  • Third-Generation Sequencing: Oxford Nanopore Technology (MinION sequencer)
  • Second-Generation Sequencing: Illumina HiSeq Technology

You want to dive deeper into your data? Let’s collaborate!

For special applications, where our standardized methods reach their limits or a deeper interpretation of the results is desired, we offer individually adapted solutions in the form of a full research collaboration.

In most cases, this means that we assign one of our team members to your project and he or she works with you on the research project in greater detail. All results from this work will then be published jointly.

No one can be an expert at everything.

We are specialized in the field of high-throughput analysis, as well as closely related areas, and may not be able to provide a standardized solution to all your problems. However, we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our many experts and accompany you through the entire process from the initial contact to the transfer of the desired data analysis results.

Take a look at the overview of our experts and their respective areas of expertise: BiC Experts.

We are also in close contact with several other service platforms of the FSU and research institutes in Jena: Our partners.


To us, reproducibility is not only a standard of good scientific practice, but a matter close to our hearts.

Even though we always try to keep our software and pipelines up-to-date, we also make sure that all analyses we carry out can be repeated one-to-one even after months and years. For this we rely on a redundant combination of detailed workflow documentation, offline container virtualization and online code hosting.

Want to stay independent? That’s also fine with us.

If you wish to carry out your bioinformatics analyses independently we can support you in the selection of suitable hardware and software. We also offer training to enable you to perform your own bioinformatics analyses.